Free Seminar: International Teaching

Free Seminar: International Teaching



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FREE SEMINAR: International Teaching

  • How do I decide international teaching is for me?
    • Do I meet the criteria for an international educator?
    • How do international schools differ and how are they the same?
    • What employment package can I expect as an international educator?
  • What and where are the opportunities?
    • Do schools offer promotion opportunities?
    • Do they offer professional development?
    • Where are most international school located?
    • How are personal safety issues met during politically unstable times?
  • Implications for singles/families/married teaching couples
    • Addressing the differences of a placement depending on regions
  • Maximising your chances of an international placement in:-
    Asia, Europe, South America or the Middle East
  • How do I get started?
    True Teaching is unique in that it offers educators a choice of long or short term placements in the leading international school world wide.
    • SIGNATURE SERVICE– longer term placement (1- 3 year contracts)
    • FLYING SQUAD- International Substitute Teaching
  • True Teaching also facilities face-to-face interviews for school leaders in locations across the globe using HEADS UP! Event Planner

Nadine Tyro
Managing Director of True Teaching
30+ years as a Teacher, Administrator and Executive in 7 different countries

*To express interest contact:
You will receive a response within 12 hours

Before considering a move to a new school, new country, consider True Teaching’s 3 P’s

True Teaching’s 3 P’s

Only afew feet away from the King of Thailand

Only a few feet from the King of Thailand

Which do you choose, IB or AP?


Never too late to throw away the chalk and duster!

Never too old to throw away the chalk and duster

Should I take my children to live overseas?

Should I take my children to live overseas

My Bus Stop CHINA Observations

Bus Stop China Observations

Pearls of wisdom from a seasoned international Educator/Administrator!

Pearls of wisdom from a seasoned international Educator-Administrator

Teaching internationally is now at your Fingertips!

Searching for Vacancies made easy with True Teaching

  • True Teaching has selected search and design database features for the best and fastest results.
  • True Teaching Clients are free to upload and manage their vacancies and to contact candidates directly.
  • Once registered a True Teaching candidate will be ‘Active’ on our database and searchable by Education managers across the globe.
  • True Teaching registered candidates are able to contact schools directly if they believe they are a good ‘fit’ for an advertised position.
  • Clients and candidates are able to contact a True Teaching consultant when needed by email, phone or Skype; we are ALWAYS there for you!


International Schools Take Security Very Seriously!

Heightened school security measures are routinely applied in reaction to domestic issues that may impact the wider international community; international schools take student safety to levels I had not personally experienced before. My new norm over 30 years ago catapulted me into the realm of threats to personal safety far beyond previous experience; the very worst that could happen in my previous world was a student could ignore the ‘stranger, danger’ warnings, dash across the zebra crossing at home time or face fire and earthquakes.  Schools being a target of extremists groups, coping with gun violence or xenophobia was completely beyond imagination.  I’m not suggesting that student’s in the 70’s in local primary and secondary schools were relatively free of harmful influences, it could just be that they were free of 24 hour networks that sensationalize perceived threats and the incumbent responses.